Demi Lovato (28) speaks candidly about her drug addiction and depression in the documentary ‘Dancing With The Devil’. In a recent interview, she shares even more personal details about the most difficult period of her life. “I cut my long hair because the pressure was too great.”

Since childhood, Demi has been known as a Disney star for her long, black hair. “But the pressure to be a beautiful, sexy superstar was too great,” she says in an interview with Drew Barrymore on the ‘Drew Barrymore Show. “It felt like a liberation to cut my hair short. against that ideal image. ”

Moreover, she got to know herself better. “It helped me put gender norms aside. I don’t have to look one particular way just because I’m a woman. I have ignored my own identity for far too long because I tried to fit into that perfect picture. I never want to do that again. ”