Lovato presented Cyrus with the ‘Webby Awards’ for helping his ‘Braight Minded’ followers survive the quarantine.

Demi Lovato dedicated a beautiful message to Miley Cyrus, presenting her with the ‘Webby Awards’, which she was awarded for the show she created through Instagram to help her ‘Braight Minded’ followers survive the quarantine.

The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences since 1997 recognizes the best content on the internet in order to encourage different areas, and created the ‘Webby Awards’, which this time went to Miley, and Demi Lovato was in charge of virtually delivering it.

Miley used her platform to cover topics from the importance of trusted news sources to the self-love practices that work for her. It has also given us a lot of fun and laughter, as only she can ”expressed Lovato.

Cyrus for his part, on his personal Instagram account thanked his former Disney partner for his words, and also thanked the awards for choosing her.