Rip Captain Spaulding. Sid Haig died at the age of 80. The actor is best known for being Captain Spaulding , the sadistic clown of Rob Zombie’s films: The House of the 1000 Dead , The Devils Rejects and recently 3 From Hell (recently released in the US).

His death was announced by his wife Suzie on instagram. ” Saturday, September 21, my light, my heart, my true love, my king, half of my soul, Sidney, went from this world to another .”   Sid Haig had his debut as an actor in the ’60s and’ 70s with shows like Mission Impossible, Star Trek, Batman, Buck Rogers, MacGyver, The All Risk Agency.

In cinema among the dozens films to his credit, he participated in THX 1138 George Lucas and much later in Jackie Brown and Kill Bill 2 Quentin Tarantino but also Halloween Rob Zombie, Bone Tomahawk, Death House, Hatchet 3 or The Lords Of Salem still from his friend Rob Zombie.   Our condolences to his family and loved ones.

In 1971, he plays a prisoner in the science fiction film THX 1138 by George Lucas . He appears in the seventh James Bond, The diamonds are eternal , alongside Sean Connery. Quentin Tarantino writes the role of the judge of his Jackie Brown especially for him and confides him that of a strip-club employee in Kill Bill 2.

But with his atypical physique and his meter 93, it is in the genre of horror and the series-B that he will make a name at the turn of the 2000s. The director Rob Zombie entrusts him with roles in his cartoon The Haunted World of El Superbeasto (2009) but also in his very successful Halloween remake (2007) .

Above all, he will make him wear the costume of Captain Spaulding in his trilogy of the 1000 dead. A psychopathic clown, disturbed and disturbing, sexually obsessed and ultraviolent he camps with genius. After The House of the Thousand Dead (2003) and The Devil’s Reject (2006), he will posthumously appear in the third part, 3 From Hell, whose French release is not yet known. A role that had to be reduced, the actor is already very weak at the time of shooting.

Rob Zombie paid a last tribute to his fellow traveler on his Facebook account, under their last picture together. “Sid told me many times how grateful he was for the Captain’s role and how much this character changed his life. He had completely abandoned the cinema and there, at the age of 60, had met a whole new audience. He was delighted. The Captain is gone but he will never be forgotten.