David Letterman’s interview with Kanye West surprised him by the statements the singer made about his bipolarity and how he deals with it. Letterman announced this during a visit to the American show The View.

Letterman spoke to Kanye for his Netflix program My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. “I don’t know anything about bipolarity or schizophrenia, because I’m not struggling with it, luckily,” said David, who visited him during one of his Sunday Services, a church service he has been giving a few months ago. West was very frank about what happened to him during an “attack.” “You become super paranoia about everything. Everyone seems to be acting in front of you, everything seems to be a conspiracy. The government seems to have placed secret chips in your head, making you think that everything you say will be recorded. At some point you even think that everyone wants to kill you, so you don’t trust anyone anymore. “

Letterman also spoke about Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s wife. “I know her a little better than Kanye. She is really committed to things. Not only for him and her family, but as we know for the rights of prisoners, who helps them get free or get shorter sentences.”

Watch the clip of West on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction below.