Fortunately, the new Green Lantern film has not been lost yet, but its fate is still questionable. David Goyer served with a little info.

Warner Bros. is trying to shake up and reorganize everything that DC Dreams have designed with the universe. As a result, we may expect to mow some projects, but at the same time import new ones as well. A Green Lantern Corps. among the works that have long been developed at the studio, but their fate has now become questionable.

In the film, David Goyer and Justin Rhodes work as writers. The former has now announced that although work continues, he can not say whether the film is finally ready.

“I do not know, especially in the light of what is happening with the DC universe, what can you say? Obviously a complete reorganization is going on there.”

Goyer is referring to the appointment of Walter Hamada, who will oversee DC films. Rumors say the Warner Bros. decided to replace Jon Berget with the critical and financial underperformance of the Truth League. The Green Lantern Corps continues to wreak havoc. the chances that it was no longer available at the studio’s most recent filmmaking, even though it was originally planned for the premier in 2020.

The fans are longing for the Green Lanterns to join the DC universe. Although we met one of them in a short scene of the Justice League, it was not the moment that so many people are waiting for.