Katharine McPhee, a year after her divorce with Nick Cokas , who had separated in 2013 after the revelation of her relationship with the director of her Smash Michael Morris series, would now be flirting with a thirty-four-year-old man his elder, producer David Foster?

This is in any case the rumor that was spreading a few weeks after the site E! News said last May that the duo had been ” very intimate ” during a dinner in Malibu, kissing ” several times on the cheek “. A demonstration of affection that was finally nothing romantic …

David Foster (67) and Katharine McPhee (33) have always had a special relationship since the latter was revealed by the American Idol in 2006. Fascinated by the talent of the singer who is also an actress, the composer had taken him under his wing, collaborating several times with him for new projects.

 I am very happy with my new mother-in-law

Last Tuesday (September 19), Katharine McPhee and David Foster attended the third edition of the annual Grammy Museum Gala, celebrated in Los Angeles. The duo had not made the trip one-on-one since one of David Foster’s daughters, Erin (35), was with them. And it was also during this evening that she took her Instagram account to publish images of Katharine McPhee and David Foster, especially during their passage on stage where they performed a song in duet. ” My parents, ” she wrote in comment. ” I am very happy with my new mother-in-law“she added on a cliché where Katharine McPhee is seen chatting with David Foster. All of the comments that came to add oil to the fire of rumors … But not for long.

After these publications, a denial was published by People magazine to put an end to speculation. ” Erin is a laughter and these sarcastic comments on Instagram were addressed to all those who can not help but imagine that his father and Kat are more than colleagues, collaborators and long-time friends, imagining that there is a great love story, they can not even interpret a duet without people speculating about an imminent marriage. “Erin laughed at people who draw hasty conclusions ” , it has slipped. That’s what it says!