Natasha Prince claims to have been drugged without her knowledge one night in 2004.

In full scandal Harvey Weinstein , it is the turn of David Blaine to be in the sights of justice after Scotland Yard decided to open an investigation following a complaint filed in November 2016. According to reported information Thursday, October 19 by the website ofDaily Beast , the famous 44-year-old conjurer, is indeed accused of rape by a certain Natasha Prince. The former model turned art dealer says the assault occurred in the summer of 2004 at David Blaine’s home in London’s Chelsea neighborhood.

With the Daily Beast , Natasha Prince remembered the evening when everything would have changed. Aged 21 at the time of the supposed facts, she explained that she spent an evening alone with him when David Blaine decided to prepare a cocktail for him. ” He went quickly to turn me around and told me. Kiss me ‘ I kissed him, then he said to me, ‘Finish your drink’, then he took my drink and put it on the table, this is the last thing I really remember , ” she said.

I liked him, I was interested in him

If the details of this night remain very vague, Natasha Prince remembered some chilling images. In particular, she claims to have been raped by sodomy and waking up the next morning completely naked feeling ” fucked up “, as if she had taken drugs. David Blaine was present at his side. ” He was shirtless, sitting at the end of the bed, and when I looked at him he said, ‘You really have pretty breasts,’ ” she added.

For years, Natasha Prince felt helpless. The 33-year-old also said she suffered from panic attacks and had a very low self-esteem for a long time. It was only last year that she decided to file a complaint. ” In my head, the rape was supposed to be sober, I wanted it, I liked it, I was interested in it, so I did not think about going to the police. ” she concluded.

Summoned by the British police, David Blaine ( daddy of a small Dessa born in 2011 whose mother is the model and actress French Alizée Guinochet) should soon go to the United Kingdom with his lawyer to testify. Its representative, Marty Singer, sent a statement to the Daily Beast . ” My client strongly denies having raped or sexually assaulted a woman and he specifically denies having raped a woman in 2004. He will cooperate fully because he has nothing to hide, ” it was concluded.