Having been in difficulty for several years, Victoria Beckham’s business will no longer benefit from the financial support of her husband David, who made the decision to no longer meet his heavy needs as early as 2019.

David Beckham has enough. As the Daily Mail reveals , the footballer, married to Victoria Beckham for several years, made the decision to no longer bear the debts of his wife’s fashion business , which have been accumulating for several years. Already in 2017, the clothing brand that bears his name had suffered a severe loss estimated at more than ten million euros , made profitable by the substantial financial contributions of David Beckham.

For several years, David Beckham has been injecting astronomical sums of money into his wife’s business, in order to allow him to bounce back. Problem: The couple’s hopes are in vain, as the company’s sales continue to fall . Worried by a situation that now seems inevitable, David Beckham told his wife that he would no longer pay a pound sterling in society .

Victoria Beckham forced to transfer one-third of her staff

However, as revealed by several sources concurring to Daily Mail , David Beckham managed to find many new investors , who agreed to inject as much as 30 million pounds into the Victoria Beckham label . “David is extremely proud of what his wife has accomplished, but he does not want to help him financially, he has found investors,” reveals a source interviewed.

To save her business from bankruptcy, Victoria Beckham had no choice but to lay off 33% of her staff last April, in order to return her more profitable business. For the holiday season, David Beckham’s wife has reduced the price of 230 high-end items , by 50%, in the hope of seeing sales rise.

David Beckham sticks

The balance of Victoria Beckham is red for the past four years , and losses continue to be accentuated year after year. In 2016 in particular, the losses were astronomical, and evaluated at more than 8.4 million pounds sterling . A dramatic situation that counterbalances with the incredible success of David Beckham’s company, DB Ventures , which posted a record profit of 26.5 million pounds in 2017.