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David Beckham lent his Instagram account to Ukrainian doctor Iryna. David Beckham entrusted his Instagram account to Iryna, a Ukrainian doctor, so that she could share in story her work alongside mothers and children in the basements of the country at war.

Since the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the invasion of Ukraine by the armies of Vladimir Putin, everyone has been mobilizing to bring aid, on their own scale, to the Ukrainian population. This Sunday, March 20, former footballer David Beckham donated his social networks to Dr. Iryna, director of the Kharkiv Regional Perinatal Center in Ukraine, where she helps mothers give birth in times of war and under very special and complicated conditions.

UNICEF Ambassador , David Beckham launched this operation in order to support the doctor and that she can take advantage of her audience of no less than 71 million subscribers to communicate on what is happening on the spot and show how the maternity in the basements of Urkaine, sheltered from bombs.


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Care rooms arranged for mothers and infants, difficult working conditions caused by the bombardments outside, Iryna and her teams do everything possible to facilitate the life of the Ukrainians on the spot with the help of UNICEF which provides equipment and the support of personalities like Beckham, without whom the situation of this emergency maternity unit, which needs donations, would perhaps have remained unknown.