The galaxy’s guarding films Draxje disagree with the firing of the director.

Yesterday we were shocked by the fact that Disney kicked James Gunn , the writer and director of galaxy guarding films, for its violent Twitter posts ten years ago. Before the incident, many of them are unclear, including Dave Bautista, who formed MFU’s Drax, who was the first stew player to defend Gunn.


“James Gunn is one of the most beloved, most disgusting and best-of-the-kind people I’ve ever met. He is attentive and kind, and he is not only his fellow human being but also the fate of animals. we’ve made mistakes. I’m not at all reconciled to what’s happening to him. “

Fortunately, the decree of the organizer itself did not have to wait a long time either. Gunn had already apologized for his scandalous revelations before he was fired, and now he did it again. He also added that he understands the decision of the studio, and in the future he wants to keep away from such obscene remarks.

“Regardless of how much time has passed, I understand and accept today’s professional decision.” Even so many years later, I assume the responsibility for all my past manifestations. Now all I can do is to express my sincere and deep repentance by trying to get the best possible be a human being by considering acceptance, understanding, commitment to equality, and my shared thoughts. I send my deepest apology to everyone within and beyond the profession, love for everyone! “

It’s hard to predict what’s going to happen to the Galaxy Guardian’s 3 fate, the first version of that script that Gunn has already completed. It is not easy for him to imagine the Guardians, but now that Disney has made a decision that they can no longer change their will. The studio’s decision and the features of today’s Hollywood are about to be discussed in a more comprehensive article, so here’s the team photo that was shared by James Gunn’s old friend and Yonduja of the galaxy, Michael Rooker.