What should have been a beautiful day for the daughter of Mark Consuelos and Kelly Rippa, soon turned into a drama. Last Sunday she became eighteen years old. And while she happily wanted to walk into her parents’ bedroom, her father received a father’s day surprise from her mother.

“I wasn’t even in the mood”

The Riverdale actor talks about the embarrassing moment in Live with Kelly and Ryan, his wife’s talk show. The couple does not entirely agree whether their daughter Lola knocked on the door. According to Mark she was right, but according to her mother Kelly she just opened the door. And that while Kelly didn’t even feel like a moment with her husband. “I’ll be honest: I wasn’t even in the mood. The whole house was full of people. My parents-in-law were waiting for me downstairs in the kitchen.” She says she had to, because yes “it was Father’s Day”. 

When Lola opened the door, she looked her mother in the eye. Au! Kelly was particularly angry that she didn’t knock on the door and daughter Lola was particularly angry that they ruined her birthday like that. She slammed the door shut and shouted, “You have ruined my birthday! And my life!” And it could be a bit more dramatic. “First I saw everything in color and now I only see black and white.”