LONDON – Actor Danny Trejo is struggling with erectile dysfunction. “Every man in the world has experienced this, and if you say that you are not, then you lie and I call you a liar. So here you have it: Danny Trejo calls you a liar and now you no longer have to hide it” , says the 75-year-old Machete actor in The Sun.

“The word macho means you should always get it up,” says Trejo. “But you can also be tired as a 25-year-old after a whole day of work. Sometimes it’s just not possible.”

The actor also confesses that he recently struggled with liver cancer, but now healed. “They gave me three times seven injections directly into the tumor and boom: after six months I came back and told me I was cancer free.”

Trejo decided to keep his illness a secret because he didn’t want to lose a job. His positive attitude dragged him through the difficult period. “I have led a wonderful life. I came from a very deep trough, so now I am very grateful for all the years I have had.”