The interpreter of James Bond is not a superhero in everyday life. He discovered in the middle of an interview with Javier Bardem that he had injured his forehead.

Daniel Craig isn’t as badass as he seems. The actor proved it during a Zoom meeting with Javier Bardem, organized by the specialized magazine Variety .

The actor was indeed injured without realizing it in the forehead during this interview. A superficial wound that he discovered with amusement at the end of the meeting. The footage, posted on Twitter, has been viewed nearly 200,000 times on Twitter.

It was Javier Bardem who noticed the gash: “Let me ask you my friend, what do you have on your forehead?” “Where?! I hit my head?!”, Craig wonders. “Did I do this interview with a piece of sandwich on my forehead? It must be a piece of sandwich!”

“No wonder I get hurt every movie!”
“Do you know what it is?” he added. “They sent me this ‘ring light’ which I installed on my iPad. It fell on my head just before I started! That’s 17 years of playing James Bond. No wonder I got hurt to each film!”, laughs the actor before specifying with humor that he “does not bleed to death”.

Daniel Craig is the first actor in the James Bond saga to perform the majority of his stunts himself. This investment earned him several injuries. He notably lost his two upper central incisors on the set of Casino Royale and dislocated his shoulder on Quantum of Solace. He finally injured his ankle on the set of Dying Can Wait.