The actress revealed that her awkward neighbors called a tow truck to remove her grandfather’s car.

Dakota Johnson in a conversation with Jimmy Kimmel spoke of the ‘war’ she has to wage with neighbors who are uncomfortable with everything, from her garden to an old car of her grandfather that she keeps.

A few months ago, the actress opened the doors of her house to the magazine Architectural Digest, where she boasted her beautiful garden, especially the bamboo she has where her house adjoins that of her neighbors, who have complained because the reeds’ cover them the view. ‘

Dakota told Kimmel: “My neighbors are at war with me because of how much the bamboo in the driveway has grown. And it seems silly to me, why would I want people to see the inside of my house? “

Jimmy Kimmel is also a neighbor of Dakota, and they talked about when a crane came to take his grandfather’s old car, parked in front of his house, so the actress took advantage of a charity event that the two of them attended in addition to the aforementioned Neighbors, to whom he complained about what had happened, denied it and said they were not responsible for the call to the crane.

In this conversation, Kimmel revealed to the actress that the “uncomfortable neighbors” had confessed to him that they were the ones who complained about the car, and that is why the tow truck arrived.

Dakota has since had to pay rent for a garage to keep the car that belonged to her grandfather.