According to the actress, it is difficult to stay positive when the world around “has become so dangerous and scary.”

Recently, Dakota Johnson gave an interview to Extra, where she shared her thoughts on how to overcome anxiety and depression of quarantine. According to the actress, having remained in self-isolation, many are exposed to an alarming state.

You are sitting at home, there are no friends nearby, no family nearby, you cannot do things that give you a sense of dignity. You seem to be dressed in depression. Great sadness has now spread throughout the world, and it is hard to stay positive every day. The world has become sad, dangerous and terrible, and you are alone,

– said the actress. Then she shared her recipe for dealing with this condition:

Meditation, walks. Caring for your body. These little things give great results.

While some celebrities talk about their sensitivity to the situation in the world and how they are overcome by depression, others admit that quarantine found them in good housing, with a decent amount in the account, and there was nothing to complain about.

For example, Miley Cyrus openly admits that her quarantine is fundamentally different from the quarantine of ordinary people.

My experience of self-isolation is incomparable with the experience of isolation of most people. Yes, my life has paused, but I honestly do not face the horror of a pandemic. I have comfortable housing, there is always food on the table, everything is in order with money. It’s not at all comparable with the realities that other people find themselves in,

– shared Miley.