29-year-old Dakota Johnson took part in her latest project in the outgoing year – a photo shoot for a new edition of the Italian Vanity Fair. The star “Suspirii” tried on bright images and told that she does not feel herself as belonging to her generation.

Dakota Johnson turned out to be an interesting year: she finished the 50 Shades of Gray trilogy, appeared in a remake of the cult horror, took her place on the jury of the Marrakesh Film Festival and joined the star cast in the film “Nothing Good at the El Royal Hotel”. This year, full of bright events for the star, the Vanity Fair Italia edition decided to end with a no less vivid photo session. Dakota tried on a blue dress with a fringe, emphasizing the color of her eyes, appeared in black and white before the audience and allowed the photographer Carter Smith to capture her dual nature.

Vanity Fair Italia journalists noted that Johnson is now very popular with her peers, and asked her to name the features that distinguish her generation from the rest. To this, Dakota could not give a clear answer. “I do not feel that I belong to only one generation. It seems to me that I am both young and old at the same time, which makes me constantly experience hesitations and contradictions. This even manifests itself in music: I can listen to songs of the 60s performed by Grace Slick and novelties from James Blake. I am always somewhere between the classic and the new trends, ”said the actress