The footballer remembered the personal drama.

Sentimentality to Cristiano Ronaldo on the field has long become a byword, but he rarely admits such a manifestation of emotions outside the sports field. Cristiano met with British journalist Pierce Morgan to record an hour-long video interview about his personal life. In it, he talked about his beloved Georgina Rodriguez, saying that he plans to marry her, “because his mother dreams about it,” about raising children and other pleasant moments. They also touched on the personal drama of the football player – the death of his father, Jose Aveiro, who died on September 7, 2005 at the age of 52. Hard news came to Cristiano on the eve of the game of the Portuguese national team with the Russian national team in Moscow, but then he still entered the field. TV host Pierce Morgan showed the player a video, Recorded shortly before Cristiano’s departure for the World Championship qualifiers, his father proudly talks about his son. “I’ve never seen this video before,” Ronaldo said, crying. 

I thought the interview would be fun, but I did not expect to cry. I don’t know where you found this video. I need it, I want to show it to my family,

Ronaldo said during an interview, the full version of which will be aired tomorrow, September 17th.

I did not know my father 100 percent. He was an alcoholic. We never had ordinary heart-to-heart talk. Everything was very complicated. He did not see how I became number one, did not find all my awards,

– says Ronaldo in an interview, the announcement of which appeared on the network.

Father Cristiano worked as the administrator of a small football club in Madeira, where they lived. Before that, he served in the army, and his childhood friend Dinis told in an interview that their family, like other former military men at that time, did not have money and he began to abuse alcohol because of severe depression. José Aveiro passed away due to liver failure. 

He had no money, they had big problems, they literally had nothing to eat. Because of this, he began to drink, stopped eating normally,

– told a family friend to Cristiano.

The football player maintained a warm relationship with his mother Dolores, who is actively involved in the upbringing of her grandchildren, four children, Cristiano. A football player rarely spreads about the tragic fate of his father. Two years ago, he wrote an emotional post dedicated to his father, posting a photo with his children on the background of his portrait at home.