The cousins ​​of Michael Jackson find the documentary Leaving Neverland not only a shame but also very dangerous. Taj, Taryll and TJ, also known as 3T, are anything but happy with the documentary and according to the three there are also many untruths, they say to RTL Boulevard.

“This documentary is very difficult for us and our family. The director has a one-sided story that tells the media and has influenced many people beforehand, “says Taj. “I saw the docu and I found it very manipulative. It was only about emotions and not about the facts. “, TJ assists him. “Everything that was said in Leaving Neverland was put down as a fact, but there is not much. The makers assume that the viewers do not do research and do not look up the facts. That makes it unfair, unethical and very dangerous. ” 

“It is as if you are in a lawsuit and just before the defense can bring something in, you will be expelled from the room, so you have only heard one side of the story, this is the documentary,” says Tj.

“During the adult life of Michael, the media already gave a terrible picture of our uncle. Everything was put under a microscope, because negativity sells. If you grew up with Michael, you know how he really is. Michael was a great uncle, the best. He was not only generous to us but to everyone. “

The three is around the same age as Wade and already knew him before the documentary. “I met him,” says Taj. “There is a part in Leaving Neverland that was made up, I know that because I was there. And that is why I am so frustrated because they have changed it. There is a story in the documentary that the Robson family had a dinner with Michael Jackson. Michael would be very fragile and he would not respond to anything. And that would be the main reason why Wade would have lied in court. In fact, they believe that the testimony of Wade would have taken place the next day. That is not true. The dinner was after Wade’s testimony. I even thanked Wade for his testimony during that dinner. I have also heard that they have cut this story out in some versions because they have found out that it is not right. This story was certainly in the HBO version. “

What is also very interesting is that Taryll and Taj themselves know exactly what it is like to be abused. “Taj and I were also abused in the past, by an uncle on our mother’s side. And so we know how bad it is to be a victim. And Wade now gets support from a group while he is lying and it’s mainly about money. This attention that they receive now will bring publicity and that can be converted into money again “, says Taryll. “Even though they say they are not getting paid for this documentary, it’s always money.” Taj assists him. The cousins ​​are grateful to Michael. He took them under his care after the death of their mother. “Michael has ensured that we have got our lives back on track. He really took care of us in this time. That also makes it so difficult. I have seen many people who have betrayed Michael just like Wade is doing now. He has meant so much to Wade and James and this is their way of thanking him, “said Taj