It was done! Courtney Kardashian published in her Instagram account the first selfie with a young boyfriend. Until now, their affair with Unes Benjima was not a secret: the couple did not hide that they were resting together, and the paparazzi often fell into the lens, but only now the reality TV star Kardashian Family published their joint photo.

Courtney Kardashian may be the most secretive of the star family: she seldom publicly talks about her private life, thereby provoking a lot of rumors, right up to a relationship without obligations with Justin Bieber. Even when in January Courtney and Yunes relaxed together, romantic fans never got together, although young people did not hide and put idealistic shots on their social networking page.

Courtney has an uneasy background: she was associated with an 11-year-old complicated relationship with the father of her three children, Scott Disik, the couple either converged or broke up, but a year ago she completely broke up, and then rumors spread about the novel of the reality star “Family Kardashian” with a boxer who is less than 14 years old. Scott, without thinking twice, twisted the affair with the 19-year-old Sofia Ritchie.


For the first time, the relationship between Courtney and Unes was talked about after their mutual rest on a yacht in Cannes, followed by romantic walks through Saint-Tropez. Everything went so far that in the fall, in one of the interviews, the eldest Kardashian joked that she was pregnant again , and despite the fact that Courtney quickly retired, the fans suspected that the mother of many children wasthinking about the fourth child.

Recently, the family Kardashian has increased markedly in January there was born the daughter of Kim and Kanye West, who brings a surrogate mother in February, her first child gave birth to Kylie Jenner, and will soon appear on the light daughter expecting Chloe. Who knows, maybe Courtney will be next?