Disney is busy with it. One remake after another comes true, and that is not well received by every fan. Yet the company does not seem to care much about this and is already thinking hard about a continuation of the successful Aladdin.

“We are not just going to make a remake again”

The film with Will Smith as a spirit already managed to rake in more than 1 billion and it is therefore no surprise that a sequel is in the pipeline. Dan Lin, one of the makers, tells Insider that it is not about another remake: “I can’t tell much about it yet, but we know that fans would like to see another Aladdin movie and we think there are still a lot of stories can be told. “

“What I can tell is that it will be different from the first film. We are not just going to make a remake again, “he continues. Fans don’t have to wait long for more information. Disney is planning to make more known about future films this month.