Keira Knightley’s historical film, Colette, tells about a writer who fought for equality – and therefore Kira herself says a lot about equality in a press tour in support of the film.

“Colette” is the story of a writer who writes truly brilliant works, but all the fame and love of readers goes not to her, but to her husband, the mediocre writer, under whose name books are published. Ultimately, Colette begins to struggle with this state of things – and at the same time he challenges public notions about literature, fashion, and femininity.

In the photo shoot for the new issue of Elle Knightley, she touched upon the issue of inequality of fees for men and women – an extremely acute topic for Hollywood:

“Before, it never occurred to me to doubt the usual order of things – it seemed that we had no right to doubt. But now I ask every time, and I can say with confidence that in my last two films I received no less than the men I worked with. ”