An aspiring British actress, who has sued Harvey Weinstein for “sex trafficking,” on Tuesday implicated the entourage of Harvey Weinstein, some members would, she said, turned a blind eye to his actions.

Kadian Noble said at a press conference in a hotel in New York, in May 2016 to have entrusted an assistant of the Hollywood magnate that he had sexually assaulted him two years earlier, in Cannes during the festival.

“She was trying to reassure me that he was a good man, that he had done well with her,” said the young woman of Jamaican descent, now a British resident.

“She told me to write her a letter,” she explained, in which she described “everything she felt” and that she would make sure the letter reached her.

There was no question of complaint or redress.

Kadian Noble (31) says he realized then that “this man (had) so many walls around him. I did not have a chance (…), so I did not write the letter. ”

This is the first time that an alleged victim directly implicates a person from Harvey Weinstein’s professional circle, even though others have already mentioned having been voluntarily left alone with the producer in a hotel room.

The former Harvey Weinstein collaborator, who would no longer be part of the Weinstein Company according to the site of her own production company, did not respond.

Kadian Noble is suing Harvey Weinstein in New York City for “sex trafficking”, a legal classification that may relate to acts committed by US citizens outside the United States.

Counsel for the alleged victim indicated that she would report the facts to the French authorities, who are competent in criminal matters because the incident took place in Cannes.

“We do not take criminal action,” he nevertheless warned, even if, in French law, the initiative for criminal action belongs to the prosecutor.