This weekend, the media shocked the audience with sad news: 59-year-old Colin Firth and 50-year-old Livia Giudzholli could not save the family and announced a divorce.

After 22 years of marriage, the couple decided to disperse. This was stated by the official representatives of the couple:

Colin and Libya broke up. They maintain friendships and remain united by love for their sons. They ask for confidentiality and report that there will be no other comments.

Journalists and fans of the couple agreed that divorce was the sad result of a family drama that unfolded two years ago. Recall that in March 2018, Libya publicly admitted that during a short pause in relations with her husband, she started an affair with her friend and journalist Marco Brancaccia. A year later, Giudzholli broke up with her lover, but he failed to perceive the gap adequately. The journalist sent Firth an e-mail in which he described in paints his affair with Libya and attached to them their joint photo.

Later, Colin’s friend said that Brancaccia did this in order to humiliate the actor:

Marco described everything he did with his wife throughout the year. He did this in order to get Colin out of himself and not give him the opportunity to establish relations with Libya. But Firth is a man full of dignity.

Later, Brancaccia himself in an interview with The Times complained that in response to his anger and provocation, the actor wrote to him:

You made me suffer, but I know that you too are worried.

Despite the public proceedings, then the couple decided to give the marriage a second chance, however, apparently, they did not succeed.