52-year-old Cindy Crawford once again became the heroine of a glossy cover. Town & Country magazine chose her to be the face of the May issue. The American supermodel and mother of two children, who decided to follow in her footsteps, remembered their mistakes in the modeling business and shared her own views on the career of daughter Kayi Gerber and son Presley.

About my nude photosessions:
I posed nude many times. I regret that I yielded to persuasion and agreed to withdraw.

About #MeToo:
I was very lucky because in my life there were no stories like those people who joined the #MeToo movement. But I’m worried about my children who have chosen a career in the fashion industry. However, the son and daughter are protected by their fame. Few people doubt that I will join them if something happens.

About my influence on the career of children:
I want them to manage their careers themselves, but they are not ready for this yet. Now they basically ask me to tell them what to do … I do not want them to regret their actions. Let them have the opportunity to say: “I do not participate in this.” Children do not always listen to their parents, but they always follow their actions. If you are polite to people, then they learn to be polite. You set an example for them.