On the eve of the 53-year-old Cindy Crawford took part in the new photo shoot for PorterEdit and gave the journalists a great interview in which she remembered the first years of her career. So, the supermodel admitted that she did not regret a bit about the frank photo shoots that she had in her youth.

Looking back and remembering my old pictures for Playboy, I think: why didn’t I go naked all the time?

– Cindy argues.

Crawford also admitted that every year she understands that she is not getting younger, and therefore wants to use her abilities to the maximum.

Now I do not look the way I looked in 20, 30 or 40 years. However, I watch myself and my body. No, I no longer frolic on the beach in a bikini, as in my youth, but I still want to be beautiful for my husband and feel free to appear naked before him,

– shared her thoughts Crawford.

By the way, Cindy’s new photo session for PorterEdit turned out to be fairly frank: on many frames the model poses in things that partially expose her breasts.

With journalists from the publication Cindy Crawford also discussed the modeling career of her 17-year-old daughter Kaya. So, the model commented on the rumors that the girl got into the fasion-industry only thanks to the star mom.

Of course, Kaya had little advantages, because everyone knows that she is my daughter. However, the talk that I bought her a shot for the cover in this or that edition is simply absurd. If I wanted to buy a shot, I would rather buy it myself,

– said Cindy.

Crawford also admitted that she was very sensitive when haters criticized her children on social networks.

I can hardly believe that there can be so much hatred in people. When I read nasty things on my page, I react calmly enough. But when insults fly against my children, I start to boil,

– told the model.

At the end of the interview, Cindy Crawford also noted that she was pleased with the changes that have recently taken place in the fashion industry. The star is glad that now in this business people with different skin colors and body parameters are equally successful.