Amazement everywhere on the Instagram profile of Chrissy Teigen (35). The wife of John Legend (42) shared a photo last weekend that showed how her lips were very swollen. Teigen had just bitten into the skin of a “strange” orange when suddenly her lips became thick. She immediately made one thing clear: “These are not failed fillers.”

Chrissy Teigen is an open book. Whether she plans to have her breast implants removed or to get a piercing, she always keeps her followers informed via social media. And it was no different when her lips had suddenly doubled in size after taking a bite of a “bizarre” orange. “LOL, I look so good. No failed fillers, I would say that, I don’t care ”, she wrote.

Teigen had therefore not gone too far with lip fillers, but suspected that the pesticides on the fruit might have something in between. In any case, the star herself had a good laugh: “I’m like an inflatable doll, just out of the package,” she wrote.

A dermatologist friend gave her some advice below the message. “Clearly an allergy. Take antihistamines (a drug that suppresses allergic reactions, ed.) And ignore that suspicious fruit ”, the doctor wrote. Fortunately, Teigen’s lips looked completely normal again in the Valentine’s videos she posted on Sunday.