Chrissy Teigen has a thought for the “son she almost had.” The model paid a touching tribute to little Jack, born dead in 2020. She posted a photo of her in the hospital, taken on the day of the miscarriage.

On social media, Chrissy Teigen is known (and popular) for her utter transparency and sarcastic tone. She also shares less joyful moments with her followers, such as the death of her son Jack . The model commemorated the death of the little boy, born dead in 2020.

Chrissy Teigen has over 35 million Instagram followers. 35 million Internet users who witness his touching tribute to Jack, his dead son born last year. The model posted a photo of herself lying on a hospital bed, in tears and consoled by her husband John Legend after the baby went missing . She wrote in the caption: ” And to the son we almost had. A year ago you gave me the greatest pain I could have imagined in an effort to show myself that I could survive anything, even if I didn’t want to. I didn’t have the opportunity to take care of you but you came and left to make me love myself and take care of myself because our bodies are precious and that life is a miracle.

” I was told that [bereavement, editor’s note] would be easier but it hasn’t started yet. Mom and dad love you forever, ” Chrissy concludes.

My bleeding was getting worse. The fluid around Jack had dropped a lot, it barely floated.

Jack was the third child of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. He was born on September 28, 2020. Chrissy revealed the drama on October 1, 2020 on social media. She had then given in details about this tragic childbirth. Little Jack was cremated .

“ I had a horrible night bleeding even more than when I bleed abnormally after a bad ultrasound. My bleeding was getting worse. The fluid around Jack had gone down a lot, it was barely floating. moments, I was sure the level was so low that I could feel her arms and legs outside of my stomach , Chrissy Teigen had clarified. After two nights in the hospital, the doctor told me what I was doing. already knew, it was time to say goodbye. [The baby]wouldn’t have survived, and neither would I if it had lasted any longer. We tried transfusing several bags of blood, and each one came out as if we hadn’t done anything. One evening, late, I was told that we would give up the next morning. I cried a little at first, then had convulsions with rum and tears, my breathing couldn’t even catch up with my deep sadness … I was placed an oxygen mask on my nose and the mouth, and that was the first photo you saw. “

Chrissy and John remain parents to Luna and Miles, aged 5 and 3.