Chrissy Teigen John Legend'

Chrissy Teigen (36) has told ‘Entertainment Tonight’ that she has undergone the last round of IVF treatments, in the hopes of getting pregnant again. At the end of 2020, Chrissy and her husband John Legend lost their son Jack at 20 weeks, something Chrissy spoke about openly via social media to get this topic out of the taboo.

“Let’s hope very strong embryos are made”
‘I’m fine, I feel good. The IVFs are now over, so I immediately feel a lot healthier and better,” said Chrissy, who has also stopped drinking alcohol for months. “I’m even looking forward to my first award season without booze, I think a whole new world will open up for me.”

Teigen and Legend have two children: daughter Luna (5) and son Miles (3), who were both born through IVF. Although Chrissy said after the loss of Jack she ‘never wanted to get pregnant again’, she eventually went for it again. ‘Let’s hope very strong embryos are made.’