Although she has not even given birth to her second child, Chrissy Teigen would also like to have a third child. Together with her husband John Legend she cherishes the wish to add a third child to their family.


“I prefer to get them all in a row, so they do not care about age and I can get my old figure back,” the Sports Illustrated model joked opposite Us Weekly .

“Let them come, I think it’s fine,” says Teigen. Spouse Legend is mad about the pregnant body of his wife. “He absolutely loves me when I am pregnant.” He holds my stomach, where our baby is sitting and wants to be there every minute of the day, I hear from girlfriends that this is not self-evident and that I can happily praise myself. with such a caring man. ”

Regarding a name for their future son, the two are not yet: “Oh no, that is really a disaster! Even when we got our daughter Luna, we decided at the last moment how she would be called. Little boy we find it even more difficult to come up with a nice name, I think we should see him first before we give him a name.We can think of something now, but later that name will not suit him at all. well.”