Did the farewell time come?

There is also a running of the Forward Shots 4 for the coming year, where the finishing touches are done, but there are those who have already completed their part. But is it just this film or the whole MFU to say goodbye to Chris Evans’s latest tweets in Captain America? 

The actor, on the other hand, published a brief entry on his side, telling him that he had completed the work of the  Rogues 4, and added that it was a very emotional day for him and that this role could be shaped for eight years, a tremendous honor he lived. He then thanked the whole staff and the audience, saying goodbye to the memories forever.

Does this mean that  Captain does not survive the second confrontation with Thanos? This is the most likely thing, since the arc of the character is essentially complete, and that is why, long before the Infinite War, most of them were guessed by the sure deaths. And even though he had already signed up for a film after the Endless War, but this will be accomplished by the Rogues next year, so there is nothing to prevent the relay from the next generation.