While fans and haters discuss Chloe Moretz’s candidacy for the role of Catwoman, the actress herself has to fight crime in real life. It is more accurate to call the police for help in order to protect yourself and loved ones from a crazy fan.

Last week it became known that an unknown person was trying to meet a 22-year-old actress. It penetrated the private property of the star, but, fortunately, it was not at home. Then the fan decided to wait for Moretz in the car next to her mansion, but close actresses called the police. Stalker was taken to the station and later released on bail of $ 1,000. Despite the arrest and the night spent in the chamber, the persistent fan did not learn the lesson and did not leave attempts to meet the star.

He went back to Moretz House, overcame the fence, and knocked on the front door in the hope that Chloe would open for him. Like the first time, a member of her family came out to meet the stalker. He was again detained by the police, but this time the amount of bail increased to 150 thousand dollars. In order not to tempt fate, the “Defender” star obtained from the court a restraining order prohibiting the pursuer from approaching her closer than the set distance.