Rapper and presenter Chanel West Coast was not only stunned when she heard of the lawsuit filed by actress Sharon Stone, she also found Stone’s action ungrateful. Because where Stone believes that Chanel West Coast uses her good name in the song Sharon Stoned, the rapper believes that she is doing Stone a favor.

The 31-year-old Chanel West Coast, real name Chelsea Chanel Dudley, does not think she is embarrassing Stone in the song, she tells TMZ. On the contrary: the song pays homage to the now 61-year-old Basic Instinct actress. Rappers often make such songs, in which they put their idols in the spotlight.

Moreover, according to the rapper, Stone was aware of the song and the video clip, in which Chanel West Coast imitates the well-known Basic Instinct scene, among other things. In it, Stone crosses her legs during an interrogation without wearing underwear under her miniskirt. The rapper ends her argument against TMZ with a stab under the water: young people would not know who Stone is, so the actress should be especially happy with any kind of attention.

Last week it was announced that Sharon Stone had filed a lawsuit against Chanel West Coast. Stone believes that the rapper uses the “exceptional popularity and fame” of the actress. She is allegedly claiming compensation, the amount of which is unknown.