Cate Blanchett says in an interview with Variety that she too has been harassed by Harvey Weinstein. The actress does not say what exactly happened.


In an interview with Variety  Blanchett says that she did not do what Weinstein asked of her. According to the 48-year-old actress, that did not benefit their working relationship.

“I had a bad feeling about him, and he often told me that we are not friends, and I think that he, as predators do, focuses on the most vulnerable,” said Blanchett in the interview.

In the article, Cate also presents Dylan Farrow, who accuses her father Woody Allen of sexual abuse in her younger years. “Dylan has clearly been in pain, and if the case has not been treated well enough, he must be reopened and brought back to court, which is where the solution to these issues lies,” said the actress.