Billionaire and casino mogul Steve Wynn (76) is accused of being a sexual pervert that forced downstairs staff to sex. That reports the Wall Street Journal. Wynn would also intentionally wear short shorts without underpants at work to show his pride. “Everyone was stiff with fear,” it sounds.

The sex scandals have now reached Sin City. That writes the Wall Street Journal. A manicure who works at Wynn Las Vegas says that in 2005 – not long after the huge casino was put on the Strip – Wynn claimed sex with her during a private meeting in his office. The woman initially refused, but Wynn finally brought her that far, according to the Wall Street Journal . She then filed a complaint with the personnel department and Wynn would have paid her $ 7.5 million to settle the case amicably.

The newspaper, which spoke with more than 150 ex-employees, writes that the staff hid in the bathroom of the spas in the hotel to escape his sexual advances. “Everyone was stiff with fear”, says Jorgen Nielsen, former artistic director of the salon at the Wynn Las Vegas hotel. Nielsen went higher, but “there was no one who offered us help”. Workers devised agreements for each other to avoid him.

A masseuse had to give him “happy endings” years ago for months. Wynn told her to masturbate on him several times a week and the woman did not dare to refuse. After a few months he demanded oral sex. She did not want to go into that anyway. When she also told him that she was uncomfortable with his sexual demands, he did not come anymore.

Wynn would simply have asked someone from his staff: “” When are you coming to my office to fuck me? “The woman turned it down and Wynn scratched his genitals, which he let loose from his shorts. He took her and asked for a kiss.

The sexual harassment of Wynn would have taken decades, according to the newspaper. In the early 1990s there was a process in which a high pick of the Golden Nugget casino testified that “he constantly received complaints from several department heads about Wynn’s chronic sexual harassment of female staff”. The man also had to provide his boss with the home numbers of serve uses.

he 76-year-old Steve Wynn denies all the accusations and talks about a smear campaign by his ex-wife, Elaine Wynn. “The idea that I would ever have attacked a woman is ridiculous,” he said.

Besides the Wynn and the Golden Nugget, he also built the Bellagio and Mirage Resorts in Las Vegas. His assets are estimated at 3.7 billion dollars. Steve Wynn is also a sponsor of the Republican National Committee. The shares of Wynn Resorts already fell 9 percent down.

Research started

The casino company Wynn Resorts starts an investigation into founder and director Steve Wynn. To this end, the Board of Directors has set up a special committee in response to an article in the Wall Street Journal, which reported in detail about its alleged misdeeds.