Cardi B (28) has spoken out about the racist comments about her bag collection. The ‘WAP’ singer showed off her large collection of Hermès bags, to which a follower then responded that the bags were ‘supposed to be exclusive’ and ‘have lost their value’ because black female rappers now wear them.

“I can easily buy such a bag”

“I saw that tweet that me and other female rappers were on,” the singer says on her Instagram. “There was talk of whether we could buy Birkin bags from Hermès and reduce their value.”

The well-known Birkin bags, for which interested parties first come on a long waiting list, cost at least 10,000 euros. Some bags even go over the counter for about two tons. “I find it very interesting. Because, I can easily buy a bag like that”, Cardi continues. “I even bought four today. I don’t want to brag, but don’t be like that to me.”

The singer emphasizes that she finds the comments extremely racist. “Why are you only asking this to female rappers? You don’t do that to white people. So why are you asking us?”