Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spend much of their time in Canada, the North American country paid for part of their security costs. However, this controversial financing comes to an end when the two officially give up their royal obligations on 31 March. A spokesperson for the Canadian Minister of Public Security confirmed this to Global News. 

“Canada was required to take care of Harry and Meghan’s security as long as they were recognized as being internationally protected,” says Mary-Liz Power. “The Royal Canadian Mounted Police therefore monitored the couple 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They did so at the request of their British colleagues from the Metropolitan Police. Just like they have to do for all other foreign members of royal families. “

Now that the two officially resign their royal functions on 31 March, their status is also changing. “That is why their surveillance is being lifted,” Power continues. 

The Canadian security costs of Harry and Meghan had become a tricky issue in recent months. Dai Davies, former agent of the British Metropolitan Police, previously stated that the company would be charged with an annual price tag of 24 million euros. Several politicians have already criticized the payment of these costs and tens of thousands of Canadians signed a petition because they thought the price tag was too high. It is not yet clear who will be responsible for the security costs of the couple.