Camila Cabello (22) has recently started a relationship with Shawn Mendes (21) and tells in an interview with Elle that this is the first time she has fallen in love. As a result, the singer experiences feelings she has never known before.

“In the past year and a half I experienced for the first time what it is like to be in love with someone,” says the Cuban-American singer. “I know the feeling of loving it, but being in love really feels different.”

“Love is very sacred and dear to me,” Cabello continues. “I want to keep those feelings between me and that other person. As much as I love my fans, I want to lead my life in the most normal way possible.”

The couple were often photographed together, but kept their relationship quiet for a long time. “We want to be in love as if nobody is watching. I am not going to open doors deliberately,” said the singer.

Singer sings about falling in love with a new album

The new feelings that Cabello experiences can also be heard on her new album, which she is currently working on. “At times I was listening to songs and had to turn the music off because I had to cry so hard. I feel very strongly that this album shows how I feel at the moment. That is much stronger than on my previous record. “

At the beginning of August, Cabello confirmed her relationship with Mendes when she congratulated him on Instagram with his birthday. “Congratulations, magical person”, wrote the Havana singer with a photo showing them together with Mendes. “I love you.”