The owner of many statuettes and millions in the account was prone to kleptomania. But – not to the most destructive.

“I was so grateful and honored that I was invited to Kensington Palace to honor the finalists of the Teen Hero contest, along with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!” – Back in October, popular American singer Camila Cabello shared her joyful impressions. As it became known only now, Camila not only celebrated the success of young international performers, but also got acquainted with the interior of the holy of holies of the British monarchy. And even after a tour of the palace she took away with her a small present – which, however, no one gave her at all. 

However, Camila blamed the leading British radio show BBC radio Greg James, about which he told the latter in an interview. Greg, like Cabello, also visited Kensington and decided to take his colleague “weakly”: he urged her to take something from the British as a keepsake. And she succumbed to his ridicule – she stole a pencil.

And you decided to challenge me? No one has the right to take me weak. So I did it. And then you, Greg, picked up and shouted to someone from the Palace service that I was a thief: “She stole a pencil! Look!”. I was so scared that I immediately hid it in my mother’s bag. She wanted to bring him back, but it was too late.

As a result, the British pencil never returned “home”, which Cabello herself regrets very much. “Kate, William, I’m really sorry,” the singer ended her upright confession on the show. And although the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have not yet answered this apology, the reaction of the Kensington Palace to Cabello’s statement came immediately – in the form of an ironic smile that was posted from the Kensington Palace official Twitter page.