In the Cambridge Analytica case, which has rocked Facebook for several weeks, it is not 50, but finally, 86.3 million people who have seen their personal data exploited … The scandal is growing.

The numbers are growing around the world for people who have seen their personal data exploited in the Cambridge Analytica case , because it is ultimately not 50 million Facebook users who have seen their data diverted, but nearly 87 million .

Mark Zuckerberg forced to take the floor again

In France, 211,591 people are still concerned and have seen their personal data exploited. Cambridge Analytica’s objectives are unequivocal, as Christopher Wylie, a former employee of Cambridge Analytica, recently explained to the press that the data represented ” a psychological war weapon ” whose role was ” to exploit mental vulnerabilities. Voters. The comments are cold and justify the many deletions of Facebook accounts in recent weeks.

The social network once again had to speak after this new assessment and renewed its promises by saying: ” It is important to show people black and white how our products work, it is one of the ways that allows people make informed decisions about their privacy, “Facebook adding on its website:” We explain the services we offer in a language that is easier to read . ” A little light as first promises, because it means that no new settings will come in the short term to end certain practices, but simply that the network will be explained ” in a language easier to read ” on what it does of our data …

Mark Zuckerberg: ” I’m responsible for what happened in this story “

It is not certain that this will calm the opponents or the plaintiffs of the trials on both sides of the Atlantic … remains that Mark Zuckerberg finally confessed his fault this Wednesday by declaring: ” I am responsible for what happened in this story ยป

The Facebook CEO also argued, ” We have not taken our responsibility seriously enough. It was a big mistake. It was my mistake. Adding: ” It’s not enough to connect people, you have to make sure the connection is interesting. Continuing: ” It is not enough to give a voice, we must make sure that it is put to good use. “And concluding:” It is not enough to tell our partners to protect the information of our users, we must make sure.