Reality star Caitlyn Jenner, who has been living as a woman since 2015, has withdrawn her support for Trump in a column in the Washington Post. Previously, she hoped she could work with the US president.

“The reality is that the trans-community is being attacked relentlessly by this president,” writes the former Olympic champion in the column. Trump has received a lot of criticism in the past few days after The New York Times brought out the news that the government is considering reversing the recognition of transgender people.

Jenner accuses Trump of using the trans-community as pawns in a political game. “The leader of our nation has shown no respect for an already marginalized and struggling community, he has ignored our humanity and damaged our dignity.”


Previously, Trump has also tried to reverse new guidelines for the acceptance of transgender people in the army and the gender-neutral cleaning of toilets. Jenner then said that she was “very upset,” but she still did not regret her voice on the president.