The police have again arrested burglars suspected of a series of burglary attacks in Los Angeles. According to TMZ, the gang would consist of ten members, men ranging in age from 18 to 25 years. Among the victims were Rihanna and a number of athletes.

According to the police, the thieves had more celebs on their list. Actress Viola Davis was one of them. The gang would have taken away more than a million dollars worth of stuff from the houses of the celebrities. It’s about cash, valuables and expensive gadgets.

In total, the thieves’ party had visited 24 houses. The burglary of American footballer Robert Woods at the end of September, she was fatal. A neighbor saw that the criminals were busy and called the police. He could arrest a perpetrator in his own home. During a house search, things came out that had been captured in other celeb burglaries. Then three other gang members were arrested, one of whom was released. With the arrest of seven other members, ten people are now detained.