Big Hit Music is responding to reports that BTS member Jimin’s apartment has been seized.

BTS Jimin’s apartment seized for non-payment of health insurance premiums
Recently, on April 24, an exclusive report by Korean media BizKorea revealed that the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) seized BTS member Jimin’s apartment located at Nine One Hannam in Seoul on January 25.

According to the report, the seizure was caused by the idol not paying his health insurance premiums. Jimin had first purchased the luxurious apartment for 5.9 billion won (about $4.7 million) in May last year.

In addition, the report stated that Jimin had received four notices on separate occasions regarding the seizure by registered mail during the period when his apartment was temporarily seized by the National Health Insurance Service.

The foreclosure of the BTS member’s apartment was finally lifted recently on April 22, nearly three months after the foreclosure was registered on January 25. He paid all of his overdue health insurance premiums.

Big Hit Music Responds To Reports Of BTS Jimin’s Apartment Foreclosure
Following the reports, Jimin’s label Big Hit Music released a statement explaining the situation, which they claim was caused by an error made by the company.

According to Big Hit Music, the label is the first to receive all mail that arrives at their artists’ dorms, and some of the mail was mistakenly missed during the delivery process to Jimin.

Therefore, due to Jimin’s overseas schedules and long rest period, Jimin was unaware of the situation, but immediately paid the full insurance after finding out.

Read Big Hit Music’s full statement here:

“As far as the question is concerned, the company is the first to receive all the mail that arrives at the artists’ dorms, and in the process of forwarding the mails to the artist, some of it was omitted by mistake.


Due to Jimin’s overseas activities from the end of last year, his long period of rest, and then his planned overseas activities thereafter, he was unaware of any questions. such as [his premiums] being late. As soon as Jimin found out, he paid the arrears in full and the situation was resolved in the present day.