The new Die Hard film, Year One, has been under preparation for some time now. Director Len Wiseman said that the franchise’s face, Bruce Willis, also helps casting.

Die Hard: Year One is an original story that will take place in the first part of 1988 (in the ’70s), when the protagonist was still looking for bread as a cop. In addition to McClane, the wife, Holly (who was formatted by Bonnie Bedelia for the year), will appear to appear in the first two of the series.

There is no information yet for the children, Jack and Lucy, but Willis is actively taking part in the selection of young John McClane and young actor Holly, after all, no one can give birth to the legendary hero’s youthful self. 

Year One is based on the same comic book published in 2009, who fears that the classic hero will be omitted because of the past, will not be disappointed either. The act is in parallel in the past and in the present. The director said there is no specific date on when the movie arrives, but they have learned from the mistakes of the last part (More Than Your Life) and are working on bigger energies in a better, crisper scenario. Hopefully it will be so!

You wait for the movie? Who would you like to see as a young John McClane?