The supervision order of singer Britney Spears will immediately come to an end. Her father, Jamie Spears, had full control of his daughter for over 13 years, but the Los Angeles judge has now put an end to that.

The lawyers for both Britney and her father Jamie urged the judge on Friday to end the administration. Hundreds of fans gathered in front of the court to show their support for the singer.

Mental breakdown

Spears, known for hits such as Baby One More Time and Toxic, came under the supervision of her father thirteen years ago after a mental breakdown. From that moment on, he determined just about everything for her.

Several recently released documentaries show that Britney was not allowed to go anywhere without permission, was unable to talk to her own independent lawyers about the situation and had to live on a budget that was determined by her father.

Britney Spears’ mother and sister also made themselves heard and felt that Jamie should resign from his leadership. Father Jamie previously said he had always wanted the best for his daughter. In support of this, he submitted an eight-page document to the court. At the end of September, after the last session, his trusteeship was already transferred to a temporary administrator chosen by Britney.