Britney Spears (38) takes a very different approach. The singer announced last year to take a break from the stage to focus on herself. At that time she apparently found herself completely in the art corner and is now coming to France with her own exhibition.

The Baby, One More Time singer has found her calling again. After more than twenty years in the spotlight, Britney takes a different approach. Little by little, her fans got a taste of what she had in store on Instagram, but now it’s time to storm the art world. The 38-year-old will soon be opening her first own art exhibition in France. 

Britney’s artworks are displayed in the French gallery Sympa, which is close to Figeac. According to the invitation, which can be seen on their Instagram account, the exhibition Sometimes you just gotta play !!! . Moreover, the exhibition “till the world ends” will continue, which seems to be an ode to Britney’s eponymous song. Unfortunately, it is still unclear how involved the Stronger singer is with the event that will open on January 18. 

It will be the first time in a year that Britney is doing something big again. The singer indicated that she would take a break, but even after that there was still plenty to do around her.