The opening is scheduled for January 2020, and tickets will go on sale tomorrow.

To remove, if not his own video, then at least a video for Instagram in the style of “early Britney”, soon any fan of the singer will be able to. The night before, Britney Spears announced the opening of the pop-up Museum of The Zone, where each of the halls – a total of ten – will be the scenery of her famous music videos. The exhibition will be located, of course, in Los Angeles. It will take 60 to 90 minutes for the guest to examine it completely.

In addition to the exhibition spaces, The Zone will open a store where fans can leave their salaries, exchanging them for a pretty merchandise.

Developed by recognized designers, The Zone is the first of its kind interactive trading space that will affect all your senses,

– says the project website.

It is assumed that the museum will be temporary, but how long it will work until it is specified.

It is also reported that The Zone was coined to thank Britney’s fans for the dedication and love they have been giving her for so many years.