Sam Asghari reveals what things the couple loves to do together …

In a new interview with Hollywood Life magazine, Britney Spears’ fiancé, Sam Asghari, opened up about his relationship with the singer since they got engaged.

The two have been together for more than four years, and each day more and more in love, and Sam commented that the relationship has always been strong, of camaraderie, friendship, sharing many things in common and a lot of respect above all.

On the activities they love to do together, he said:

“We love to ride horses. It’s a really fun exercise and a great way to bond, and also a great program to do together anyway. (Laughs) Horses are majestic animals. They are so big and so peaceful at the same time. I personally love horses. They are one of my favorite animals ”, he commented.

On the recent arrival of a puppy in their lives, Sam said:

“The puppy I recently won was a surprise to my fiancée. I thought we needed a bigger dog to be a protector and I love [Britney] and Porscha is the best. She is very pretty ”, he pointed out.

The 27-year-old actor and model also spoke about whether they will share content from their wedding on social media:

“I like to keep my personal life very private and at the same time I want to highlight and share some of the incredible moments with my fans and fans,” he explained.

On where he sees himself five or ten years from now, Sam said, “Where would I love to be five or ten years from now? When it comes to my career, I have no humble goals and the sky is the limit, so expect no less. I’ll be reaching for the stars We will get there. With a lot of work and preparation and many sleepless nights, we will arrive ”, he concluded.