Britney Spears

Britney Spears, 38, continues to fight for her personal and financial freedom. Yesterday, the singer’s lawyer Sam Ingham filed new documents in court, in which the star demands that the Bessemer Trust Company become the only one who could dispose of her property. Britney demanded to exclude her father from the list of those who can do this.

Court documents say Britney was informed that her financial management company Tristar Sports and Entertainment Group, which was previously in charge of her estate, refused to represent the star on October 28. Spears claims her father hired another manager, Michael Kane of Miller Kaplan, and stated that he did so without her knowledge.

The letter, dated October 28, is Jamie’s attempt to retain full control of assets, books and records. His simple strategy is to bring in a new mediator who interacts with his legal team.- it says in the documents.

Britney’s attorney said she would suffer a lot of material damage if her father was not immediately removed from the position of custodian of her property, which he held for 12 years.

Britney also wants to deprive her father of the right to be her guardian. For health reasons, he temporarily transferred the rights to his assistant Jodie Montgomery, whom Britney likes much more than her father. But Jamie is dissatisfied with her work and believes that she gives his daughter too much freedom .

The next court hearing is scheduled for November 10. The singer herself is not present at the hearings, although the lawyers of the star’s father insist that not only her lawyers, but also Britney herself, come to the hearings.