Pop singer posted a minute video of energetic dance on his Instagram page.

It has already been a month and a half from the discharge of Britney Spears from a psychiatric clinic, and the singer claims that she feels well. She confirms her statements with joyful photos and incendiary videos: now she dances, then performs gymnastics under bright tracks.

One of her latest Instagram videos was a minute video in which Britney dances in the lobby on the first floor of her home. Fans were surprised by the choice of music – the singer was annealed by the sensational hit Billie Aishish “Bad Guy”.

Wonderful song! She made me even pick up a snake, –

signed Britney video and added Emoji snake.

The video already has 3.5 million views, and in the comments, Billy Aylish herself also noted, writing briefly:

Oh my God.

And although her manager Larry Rudolph expressed doubts that Britney was able to return to the scene due to physical and mental lack of preparation, you cannot say from the video that she feels bad.