The 37-year-old singer effectively posed on the side of the pool. Britney Spears ( Britney Spears) showed a slim athletic body.

The pop star is struggling to fix his life. Health Issues and Family Conflicts Spears has yet to be settled , but Britney has no problems with her figure. The singer returned to her former form and with pleasure shows her body built.

Today, Britney has posted some interesting shots. A star in a tiny yellow bikini lay on the side of the pool , from which a picturesque view of the beauty of nature. The winner of the Grammy Award has taken several spectacular poses. Fans noted a flat stomach , slender legs and an inflated ass of the singer.

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After leaving the rehabilitation clinic, Spears returned to regular sports. In this regard, the 25-year-old boyfriend Sam Asgari is an excellent motivator for her. Model and bodybuilder is in great shape. Britney often posts collaborative shots with a pretty Iranian.